Case Study #1

That time Billing Geeks saved a chiropractor from leaving his practice to teach whiny, messy toddlers…

A chiropractor in distress wanted to leave his mess.

There once was a chiropractor in NYC who was a slave to the insurance companies for more than thirty years. The insurance companies called it a network but the chiropractor felt like it was a prison.

This sad chiropractor was getting lousy reimbursements, struggling financially, and so burned out that he considered leaving his practice to become a teacher. You know it’s pretty bad when a group of three-year olds rubbing snot on you seems more enticing than running your own practice.

The Billing Geeks turned around his practice in weeks.

Instead of calling it quits and living out his years with paste and fingerpaint on his clothes, the chiropractor called Billing Geeks. The moment the geeks heard how close the chiropractor was to falling off the edge of sanity and clean clothes, they sprung to action.

Billing Geeks helped the chiropractor form a new corporation, go out of network, and learn how to schedule, bill, and manage his practice more effectively. They also helped him reinvent his passion for his job with a new logo, letterhead, and business cards. And they helped him expand his services by hiring an acupuncturist.

Most importantly, they kept him away from toddlers during the whole process lest he be tempted to trade in his chiropractic table for one of those little tea sets.

The chiropractor saw no more trouble and his patient load doubled.

The toddler-free, out-of-network practice overhaul was so successful for the chiropractor that his business doubled in the last year. He’s offering even more services, renovating his office space, and hiring on more staff. And he hasn’t once been tempted to teach ABC’s to tiny people. Yes, he still snacks on those goldfish crackers occasionally, but who doesn’t?

Best of all, our chiropractor loves his job again. He feels rewarded personally, professionally, and financially (hear that, insurance companies?). He’s grateful for the new opportunities he’s embraced and he’s looking forward to a long career of cracking backs and fixing neck pain. And he’s still a Billing Geeks client. Once they go geek, they never go back. Or something like that.

If you forget the rest, just remember that the chiropractor hired the best.

All it takes to save your career, your sanity, and your financial well-being is a call to Billing Geeks. They’re the industry’s best because they only use dedicated professionals who are experts in billing, coding, compliance, and more. Be like the chiropractor and make the smart choice. It’s so easy to get started with Billing Geeks that even a toddler could do it. Not that we’re working with toddlers. We do like goldfish crackers, though. Anyway, call us, okay?