Case Study #2

A little tale about a PT practice that was saved from piles of paperwork
(and maybe a few divorces)

The Client

Once upon a time, there was a busy PT practice…

A New York City physical therapy practice launched in 2014 and it’s been steadily growing ever since. The tiny shop that started with its founder and one physical therapist working in a claustrophobic 300-square foot room has expanded into a thriving practice with two offices and a team of four physical therapists.

The PT team sees 55 patients a day in a one-on-one, patient-focused setting. Which means they’re busy, real busy.

The Client’s (Literally) Big Billing Problem

A jumbo billing company came along and made a jumble of the PT practice’s billing.

Before the PT practice’s team wised up and hired Billing Geeks, they were working with a large billing company that was bought out by an even larger billing company. And then things took a turn for the worse, because things always tend to get worse after some sort of cannibalistic overtaking, don’t they?

It became apparent during the cannibalism – er, merger – that the now-jumbo billing company wasn’t going to be much help to the practice. The PT team was forced to do all their Medicare cost reports and insurance paperwork on their own. They also couldn’t get a consistent point of contact at the billing company to answer questions or help them with simple billing and compliance tasks. In other words, that jumbo billing staff was no help.

The result was a frustrated, exhausted, overworked staff at the practice. They were spending more time with paperwork and less time with patients. And they were pretty cranky about it (just ask their spouses.)

The Billing Geeks Solution

A mighty gaggle of billing geeks saved the day and helped the PT practice get paid.

When the PT team decided they’d had enough, they called Billing Geeks. The geeks promptly rolled in and told the staff to go watch some Netflix and crack open a beer. The team was grateful for a break. So were their spouses. But the story doesn’t end there – we’re just getting to the good part…

The Billing Geeks pros discovered that many of PT practice’s receivables were never collected by that jumbo good-for-nothin’ billing company. In fact, many of their claims weren’t even processed correctly. So the Billing Geeks did what they do best: they geeked out all over the practice’s billing. They processed the claims, collected the receivables, and got the practice a whopping stack of reimbursements from all the Medicare cost reports that hadn’t been submitted.

Within a few short weeks, the PT practice was back to business as usual: the team was focused on treating patients, nobody had to do paperwork, and marriages were saved.

The PT practice still works with Billing Geeks and still raves about the simple, seamless processes. Billing Geeks provides reports and forms when they’re needed. Billing Geeks answers the phone – and answers questions. Billing Geeks makes sure the practice gets paid. In fact, the team says their increased revenue far outweighs the Billing Geeks monthly fee.

So everyone is happy. And paid. And still married. And the PT practice is now growing faster than ever before. It’s a real-life happy ending.

The Moral of the Story

Top-notch billing starts with hiring the top-notch billing experts.

In today’s billing world, bigger isn’t better. If you want better, hire someone who knows and cares. Hire a geek. Hire the geeks. They can save you time, hassle, and lots of paperwork. Hell, they might even save your marriage.