Case Study #5

That time Billing Geeks kept the love alive – and the cash flowing – for a Florida practice.

A complicated Florida practice just wasn’t feeling the love…

Some practices start out more complicated than a melodramatic relationship status on Facebook, and a certain multi-specialty Florida practice was no different.

Their processes were a hot mess, many of their claims were being denied, and they were having difficulties with prior authorizations and utilization reviews. Oh, and they inadvertently let their Department of Children and Families (DCF) accreditation expire. Oops. Big oops.

The result of all this was a lot of bickering – with insurance companies, with their billing staff, with each other, and sometimes just with any poor delivery guy who happened to pass through. Nobody was feeling the love – nobody. And an “I’m sorry” bouquet just wasn’t going to cut it.

Billing Geeks helped the practice hug it out and avoid a breakup.

Pet peeves aside, Billing Geeks knew this practice had to fully commit to some better processes if it was going to make things work. Billing Geeks helped the practice segment into three separate businesses (one medical, one MSO, and one handling DCF cases). Then Billing Geeks created better billing, collections, and coding models for the practice and collected a whopping $1 million in adjudicated claims that the practice thought they would have to kiss goodbye.

The Billing Geeks skilled nursing team also helped the practice streamline and optimize their prior authorization and utilization review processes, which means they were finally able to get more days of care approved by the insurance companies. Oh, and that little accreditation oopsie wasn’t a deal breaker either – they worked it out over a nice candlelit dinner.

Everyone was happy again. There were hugs all around, even for some of the delivery guys. Coincidentally, all the practice’s packages stopped getting lost in the mail shortly after – but that’s a whole different story…

The practice is now feeling more love than a flower child at Woodstock.

Just how good was Billing Geeks for our dear Florida practice? Good enough to increase business collections by 40% and take the practice’s annual revenue from $700,000 to a whopping $2 million. Now that’s a reason to put a ring on it.

The practice knew a good thing when they saw it, and they’re still working with Billing Geeks today. Profits are high, processes are smooth, and there hasn’t been much bickering since Billing Geeks started scheduling weekly date nights. A little quality time goes a long way.

Billing Geeks is a keeper, so swipe right if you want a better business.

Every practice has its ups and downs – but not every practice survives them. If you want yours to be in it for the long haul, it’s time to call Billing Geeks. They can help you collect more, spend less, train your staff, meet compliance regulations, and even pick out the right shirt to wear (the blue one really brings out your eyes). Partner with Billing Geeks today, and get ready to fall in love with a higher profit margin.