Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation

Clean Slates, Clean Billing

Running a drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility is all about the human connection, and that’s why we bill the same way. We don’t use computers – we use experts who know that billing for your practice is totally different than billing for other specialties.

Our billing pros make sure you’re using the right consent forms and procedure codes, and we’ll help you get the preauthorizations your patients need to start treatment without delay. In fact, we make it even faster to get approval by picking up the phone and talking directly with payers. A little dialing goes a long way – much further than a computer submission does. We can also help with utilization reviews to ensure that your patients are getting maximum use out of their benefits.

We know the stakes are high in your industry, and we’ll help you get past the red tape so you can see successful results. Whether you need to bill detox, inpatient, or outpatient care, we’ve got it covered. You take care of your patients and we’ll take care of everything else.