Case Studies

We’re Dedicated Pros and We Have Cheetos – What More Do You Need?

The business world is a weird place these days. Sometimes you call a company you’ve hired and then realize you’re talking to a freelancer, or a woman in a foreign country, or some random dude who isn’t well-versed in his so-called area of expertise at all. You won’t have to deal with any of that shenanigans when you hire us.

Our staff are all in-house, US-based professionals who geek out on their work. Which means they can help you. And answer your questions with ease. And get the job done right. You won’t find any freelancers or random dudes here. But you will find Cheetos in the kitchen if you need an afternoon pick-me-up…

Real Pros With Real Expertise

We call our people geeks, but they’re also pros. Like the real kind that had to go to school to study stuff and take tests so they could get strings of letters after their names. Because strings of letters are fancy. And getting help from people who are experts in their fields is really fancy.

So how fancy is the Billing Geeks team? If you want tips for training your new back office staff, we’ll put you in touch with one of our clinical nurse trainers. If you’re worried about your upcoming audit, we’ll have our compliance guy help you get in shape with a mock audit. If you’re wondering if you’re using the right code on a claim, we’ll have one of our coding geeks break it down for you.

Sounds pretty fancy, eh? It is. If you want basic, you need to trot down to the local Starbucks in your Ugg boots and order a vanilla latte, honey.

Dedicated Account Management

Few things are more annoying than calling in about your account and getting someone who isn’t familiar with it. You have to repeat yourself like an angry mother telling her kids to clean their rooms. It’s like storytime, except there’s no milk and cookies and ain’t nobody got time for a nap after.

That’s why we offer dedicated account management. We designate one of our geeks to eat, sleep, and breathe your account. Which means he’ll know who you are when you call, and just how messy your receivables were when you started with us (ouch), and where you left off binge-watching old episodes of Grey’s Anatomy. In other words, he’ll know you and your practice. And he’ll have the insight to help you run it better.

Ditch the impersonal, painstaking processes that other billing company is putting you through and call us instead. We’re not just better – we’re also more fun. And we have Cheetos.