Some Questions Are Too Stupid, But Not These Ones

Is using a billing service really worth it?

Yes! Relying on electronic collections alone, like some services do, can cause you to lose huge portions of your revenue – we estimate losses at 15-18%.

Come see us and we’ll show you that billing is worth it. Our success rate in collecting outstanding balances is unmatched – because we use real, live humans who scrutinize your receivables, not computers that mindlessly bounce claims back and forth like a ping pong game.

And if other services have told that old bills are uncollectable, ignore the haters. In the immortal words of T-swift, shake it off, baby. We’ll collect your old claims and we won’t even tell you how old they look. We’re polite like that.

How fast can I start billing if I’ve never billed insurance before?

We can get you started within 7-10 days of signing your contract, even if you’ve never billed before. Yeah, we know it’s fast. We move quickly because we wear sensible shoes. Find out more about our Billing and Collections services, then call us to get started. We’ll have you billing by time the next Game of Thrones episode airs.


Last time I read a billing service contract it was as thick as those old paper phone books. Will I need to hire a swarm of lawyers and interns to comb through your contract? Will I even understand your contract? Is it in Latin?

Chill out, because our contracts are only 4 pages long. We know other services have painstaking 200-page contracts but we’re real people, remember? We won’t freak you out with geek speak, mumbo jumbo, or the kind of jargon that makes a politician get tingles.

A shorter contract is just another part of our commitment to making things as easy as possible for you.

I want to get started with Billing Geeks. What’s the first step?

It’s simple! Just pick up the phone and call our human billing experts. We’ll answer the phone and have a real conversation with you about your practice’s needs. If you don’t know what your needs are, we’ll help you figure that out too. Then, we’ll offer you some recommendations, send you a contract, and start billing faster than you can swipe right on a Tinder hottie.