A/R Management & Collections

Billing Is Literally Our First Name

Let’s face it, managing receivables can be a headache. And not just any headache but the last-night-was-crazy, caffeine withdrawal kind.

Not to worry, though. We’re here with a fresh cappuccino and the solution to your A/R problems.

The solution is us, by the way. We take care of your receivables and collections so you don’t have to. And we don’t want to make you feel bad but, well, we do it faster and collect more. (We don’t carry around these pocket calculators for nothing.)

We have over 40 years of combined experience in specialty healthcare billing and we stay up-to-date on the ever-changing landscape of regulations.

Computer algorithms might be the latest word in receivables, but they’re not the last word. In fact, relying on electronic systems alone can cause lose you to lose a large portion of your revenue on claims that age out. That’s a lot of cash that isn’t in your pocket. And it’s why we rely on our in-house experts, not computers. We catch tiny errors that computer systems don’t, like the missing middle initial on a claim you’re trying to submit.

We’re ahead of the competition with our relationships too. We’ve forged longstanding relationships with insurance providers, so we can cut through the red tape faster than you can dip a biscotti into that cappuccino.

There’s one more thing we’re pro at: keeping you in the loop. We share our cloud-based billing system with you, so you can check the status of your receivables anytime. You can view our

collections worklists, denial trackers, and even our old school, handwritten notes. Yeah, we still use pens – but it works better than throwing a receivable into a computer system and forgetting about it until it ages out, right?

Yeah, you know we’re right, honey. Call us today – we’ll have that headache gone by tomorrow.