Claims Management

We Help You Claim What’s Rightfully Yours – Get It?

If your claims process is flawed, we estimate that you’re losing a whopping 15-18% of your revenue. That’s a lot of spending money you ain’t seeing, honey. And that’s where we come in.

We manage the full life cycle of each claim, from initial charge capture to full reimbursement, so you see fewer stray claims and denials. Unlike our competitors, we don’t rely on electronic systems to manage your claims – we rely on a full in-house team of claims experts.

Our people geek out on claims the way you geek out on weekend Netflix binges. We know how to get you reimbursed in full on the first try, which limits the days your claims spend in receivables and speeds up your revenue cycle.

We don’t mess around with rejected claims either. 25-40% of rejected claims are never resubmitted* because electronic claims systems are lousy at catching even the most minor mistakes. We use geeks to manage your claims, so we have several sets of highly qualified eyeballs analyzing them for accuracy. If a claim does get rejected, we find the error, fix it fast, and route it back to the clearinghouse for resubmission. We’re that good.

Basically, claims are our claim to fame. Our puns might need some worth, though. It’s a good thing we don’t geek out on puns like we geek out on claims.

Call us today to talk about your claims and what our finely-tuned geeky eyeballs can do for your reimbursements.

*Source: “Decrease Costs, Increase Revenue.” AdvancedMD. 2015. (Yeah, you know we cite stuff. We’re that geeky.)