Coding Doesn’t Have to be Confusing

There’s medical coding and then there’s computer coding. We like to think medical coders are slightly cooler than the guys that sit around and code websites, but it really all boils down to a group of geeks in a room together speaking a language you don’t understand. That’s why we do things differently here:

We Don’t Speak In Code

We’re socially awkward sometimes, but we speak your language – the language of medical practitioners and real, live humans. Which means you’ll always understand what we’re talking about – or we’ll just keep breaking it down for you until you do. No decoder ring or translation app necessary.

We actually like talking to you, too. If you don’t want to call us and have an actual conversation about what’s going on with your claims, hit the computer. We give you access to our coding and billing records so you can see whether your claims are coded correctly or need a little fine tuning and read our notes for each action item. Yeah, we leave notes for you – we’re that good.

Call us today and let’s speak a language everyone wants to learn: how to help you make more money.