Insurance Billing

Billing Outside the Box

Tired of losing money? Put down that stack of tear-stained charge slips and call us. We bill better so you get more reimbursements – and you get them faster than ever before.

How do we do it? Well, other billing companies rely on computer algorithms to catch coding mistakes and submit claims. But Billing Geeks don’t need pricey hardware upgrades or hourly backups. Instead, we rely on a timeless classic: our brains.

This means we can contextualize, analyze, problem solve, and think outside the box to get the job done. A computer is limited by its programming but we’re only limited by our caffeine supply and our speed-dialing skills.

We don’t pull data from your EHR or PM system – we use expert in-house coders who get your claim right the first time. And we don’t waste precious time resubmitting the same ol’ claim until it ages out – we just call the payer and fight for full reimbursement right away. Using people instead of tech may sound old school but it saves you time and helps you see more money – a lot more. We’re not afraid to get geeky to get the job done.

We’re not totally anti-tech, though. We offer some pretty cool software that gives you total transparency into your financial health (which is excellent once we take charge of it). You can follow our progress in the same cloud-based transaction journal we use to track claims and see everything down to the notes our coders leave, the dollars we’ve collected, and what those four shots of espresso did to John in our Denials department.

To sum it up, we don’t believe in secrets and we don’t believe in letting a machine do the work for us. We do believe in our ability to collect substantially more reimbursements for you, though. So call us today for a free demo.