Insurance Verification

Verification That Doesn’t Leave You Hanging

You’re nervous. Your patient’s nervous. You’re listening to bad hold music as you wait for a rep from the insurance company to tell you if the treatment your patient needs will be covered.

You finally get a rep on the phone and the conversation goes something like this:

“So you’re telling me it’s covered but not under the code I thought it was? So will you tell me what the correct code is? Is the correct code a secret? Will this be on the test?”

We don’t want to throw shade but the more confusing an insurance company makes the verification and claims process, the more likely it is that they don’t have to pay you. Just sayin.’

This is why you need us.

We’re like verification superheroes. We save you countless hours of time spent calling to verify coverage for every patient that comes through your door, every single visit. We put on our trusty bluetooth headsets and get real-time telephone verification so you know exactly what’s covered and what’s not. Because surprises are only cool when they come with a bow on them, right?

How do we get the right answers every time we call? We hire billing pros who are experts in the specialties we serve most, including:


Skilled Nursing

Physical Medicine

Drug & Alcohol


Mental Health



Alternative Medicine

This means our team can talk the insurance talk and walk the the fine line of getting correct verification so you get paid later on. We don’t want to brag, but we pretty pro at making sure you’re on the road to getting paid before a patient visit even starts.

So hang up that phone and stop listening to bad hold music. We have it covered.

Hey, turn on some Bruno Mars, will ya?