Practice Analysis & Compliance

Does Your Bottom Line Look Fat?

How good does your practice look? Ask for our expert second opinion. We’ll check you out from every angle and we won’t tell you that your groove thing is shakin’ unless it really is.

Practice Analysis: We Get Nosy So You Get Better

We offer in-depth practice analysis that’s designed to help you meet your goals. Whether you’re just starting out and trying to plump up your bottom line or you’re ready to streamline your business so you can spend more time with your kids, we can help you get there.

When we conduct a practice analysis, we look at everything from scheduling procedures to billing protocols. We even check that junk drawer you forgot about and investigate the strange smell that’s been coming from the break room fridge.

Then we compile a detailed review of your:

  • Administrative and staffing processes
  • Coding, billing, receivables, and collections
  • Opportunities for driving more revenue
  • Patient services and clinical workflows

Once we’ve peeked into each and every nook and cranny, we recommend specific improvements you can make to boost profits, reduce costs, eliminate hassle, and meet your goals. It’s like meeting with a life coach except we don’t smell like patchouli and we help you make more money, not just spend more.

Compliance (We Tried Making a Compliance Joke But the Reg Agency Wouldn’t Let Us)

OSHA, HIPAA, PAMA, ACA, POL. There are a lot of regulatory acronyms that make it harder and harder for you to run your business. Keeping up with all the laws can be as hard as finding a parking space on Melrose on a Saturday.

That’s where we come in. Remember those kids in school that actually chose to be hall monitors and call out anyone who wasn’t following the rules? No, those kids weren’t us – get real, you know we were in math club prepping for our AP tests. We’re kinda like hall monitors for your practice, though – we know the rules inside out and backwards so we can make sure you’re following the latest compliance requirements.

We also bring in our legal team to make sure your administrative processes are setting you up for success. We can write specialty-specific intake forms, attestations, and reporting documents to meet the requirements for any regulatory agency.

Mock Audits: Fake It Till You Make It

Once your practice has been analyzed, optimized, and otherwise stylised, it’s time to test it out. Mock audits help you see what’s working, what isn’t, who’s following the rules, and who will be staying late next Tuesday to file several piles of paperwork.

Mock audits are one of our specialties so we spot gaps in your processes faster than a cheetah on a deadline. When the mock audit is complete, we provide you with a corrective action plan to help you fix any regulatory concerns.

We’ll can also help you prepare for a real, actual upcoming audit – you know, the kind that usually involves a guy in a bad tie with a string of letters after his name. We’ll make sure you pass the test, get extra credit, and even get a wink from that cute girl in the corner.