Utilization Review

Put An Expert In Your Back Pocket

There’s more to billing than just managing receivables. If your specialty is Drug & Alcohol, Mental Health, or Chiropractic, you know that navigating the ins and outs of patient coverage plans is often the key to getting paid later on. Studying up on plan loopholes is harder than getting your medical license was, and there aren’t any good post-study parties either.

We help your patients make the most of their coverage so you can treat them with the confidence that you’ll be adequately reimbursed by their payers. Whether it’s a utilization review or a prior treatment authorization, we’ll help you get approval fast.

That’s because we don’t wait on getting approval through faxes, emails, or snail mail. We bust out actual telephones and obtain authorization quickly and directly. We’re real, live humans that talk to other real, live humans at insurance companies every day – so we know how to ask the right questions, dig into the right information, and get approval for your treatment plan.

No authorization is too difficult for us to get, either. Transfer to a specialized drug and alcohol facility? Check. Extended physical therapy? No problem. Even getting authorization for mental health treatment centers? Bring it on! (Go ahead, you can cheer if you want to.)

So put down those benefits summaries and go treat your patients – we’ll handle the rest. See what a little cheering gets you?