Personalized Services

Service So Personal That We Use Actual Persons – Mind Blown, Right?

Every time a recording tells you that your call is important, it’s a lie. If your call was really important, you wouldn’t be left waiting in queue for seventeen minutes while a computer blows smoke up your butt. We’ve all been there and it’s a frustrating, time-wasting, tortured-by-bad-hold-music sort of place to be.

That’s why Billing Geeks does things a little differently. In fact, we do ‘em personally – meaning our phones are answered by actual persons. If a voice at Billing Geeks tells you that your call is important, it’s Chris from our compliance team and he totally means it because he’s just a damn ray of sunshine like that. The cool thing about personalized service is that you can ask us questions, get resolutions, and avoid being subjected to questionable music preferences.

Calls That Actually Help You

So just how personal is our service? We don’t use those goofy voicemail systems or push-button prompting. We just sit humans by the phones and tell ‘em to answer the calls. In fact, our team answers Monday-Friday, 9:00 AM – 7:00 PM. All callers are assisted by our team in the US.

And since we have tried-and-true Billing Geeks answering our phones, we help you make the most of each phone call. Question about your financial report? We have an answer. Confused by a random coding error? We can tell you how to do it the right way. Need a clinical pre-authorization? We’ll take care of it. Need a self-esteem boost before your big meeting? Ask for Chris again and let him sunshine all over you… This probably doesn’t sound as fancy as a hi-tech phone system, but personalized service brings better results – and we’re all about results here.

Call us today and remember what it’s like to speak to a real, live human on the phone.