Short-Term Physical Therapy

You Rehab the Patients, We’ll Rehab Your Billing

If your practice is a short-term physical rehab facility, we have the billing regimen that will take you from a second-string income to a first round draft revenue.

We work with a lot of physical rehab facilities, and we have a team of geeks that are experts in physical, occupational, and speech therapy billing. That’s because we don’t hire average billers here – we hire nurses and clinicians who know your specialty and know the plays that help you get paid. That’s right, honey, we’re you’re all-stars – we get results, and we look damn good while we’re doing it.

We don’t have a computer algorithm calling the shots around here, either. Unlike the other guys, we have real humans making real calls to payers so you get your full reimbursements faster than ever before. And that’s not all: we can also help with your other daily headaches, like making sure your patients are using their maximum allowable benefits and ensuring that each patient completes the full course of treatment.

We really have our heads in the game, which is why we’re the best at what we do. Isn’t it time you joined the winning team? Come on over – we’re ready to kick off a sky-high profit margin whenever you are. Yeah, we said sky-high – we don’t call ourselves all-stars for nothing, honey.