We’re SSO Ready to Do Your Billing (That’s not a typo!)

Are you an SSO? Not entirely sure? It’s okay, acronyms are confusing. In a world of YOLO and FOMO, we just LOL and roll with it…

An SSO is a “single specialty organization,” which just means plain ol’ “doctor’s office” when we translate it into normal human speech. We help lots of SSOs that run the gamut from general practitioners to specialists like osteopaths and dermatologists. We also have a number of integrative and alternative medical practices on our client list.

Our coders are experts in our clients’ specialties, acronyms, and coffee preferences so we can provide top-notch services without missing a beat. Because FOMO – we don’t want to miss anything. Seriously.

We understand the difference between the seemingly similar procedure codes and diagnosis codes that our competition might miss. Which means the claims submissions we file on your behalf have a much higher likelihood of being approved the first time, so you get paid faster and your patients get the timely treatment they deserve. Go ahead, you can say OMG. It’s impressive, we know.