The Billing Geeks Difference

We’re Not Just Different – We’re Better

The Billing Geeks Difference is easily expressed in equation form:

Billing Geeks = ( Braintastic Humans ) x ( 40+ Years Experience ) > Algorithms + 0

Simply put, we’re stone-cold brainiacs with over 40 years of expert experience in medical billing. We use our in-house expertise to improve your practice’s bottom line. Our competitors may rely on computer algorithms alone to scoop up dribs and drabs of your lost revenue, but we leverage our high IQs to flat-out get more of your money back. And the easiest equation of all is “more money collected = happier clients.”

We’re Drug & Alcohol Treatment Billing Experts

When a patient needs drug or alcohol treatment, it can feel like you’re lost in a maze of regulations, insurance, and billing challenges of alcohol and drug treatment. But you’ll never feel that way with Billing Geeks. Our in-house team of clinical nurses have years of experience building good relationships with recovery care providers and insurance companies. That means it’s easy for us to fast-track and preauthorize procedures for any type of treatment – detox, inpatient, outpatient, or hospitalization. Our nurses fight for the maximum allowable benefits available to your patients. It’s like having your own personal Sir Lancelot who can gallop in on a white horse to rescue patients when they need it most.

We Protect Your Pockets with 5-Star Service

We could bore you with buzzword bingo, slinging around words like Compliance or Collections, but we know you don’t have time for jargon and a dog-and-pony show. Which is the whole point, right? Get your time back. Get your lost revenue back. Hell, get your sanity back. We offer a top-notch suite of billing and collections services designed to improve your bottom line.

We Loves Clients Other Companies Are Too Timid to Take

Have you been told that you can’t play billing with the cool kids? Or that your aged receivables can never be cashed in? It’s a harsh bummer to be turned down by other collections services.

But we don’t believe in “uncollectable” bills. We collect the uncollectable all day long. In fact, we had a pile of supposedly uncollectable bills collected and closed out before you took your first sip of morning coffee. So don’t listen to the other guys. We’ll take your year-old (or older) collections and get them back for you – often with no money upfront.

We’ll help you no matter how far out of compliance you are, even if you’ve never used a computer or a billing service in the past. If you need restructuring or recoding, we’ve got it covered. We won’t turn you down and we may even invite you to play a few rounds of Trivial Pursuit. Hey, it’s not a prom invite but it’s something.