Success Starts With Vision (Even If It’s Four-Eyed)

The “T” Word

Here’s a no-brainer reminder: companies that don’t talk about transparency usually aren’t transparent.

The #1 reason many practices are afraid to work with a medical billing service is because they’re afraid they’ll lose sight of their financial health. We get it: you can’t measure or optimize something you can’t see, right?

That’s why we give you full transparency into every nook and cranny of your receivables, claims, coding, and more. We’re not afraid to talk about transparency because we’re here to help you succeed – and we know that success starts with vision.

You always know what we’re doing, how we’re doing it, and exactly how much sweet talking Jane in our Claims department had to cough up to get your claims reimbursed last Tuesday.

Because Peeking Just Leaves You Wanting More

We give you what you want, when you want it. We keep all your billing records on the cloud and give you anytime, anywhere access. Log in whenever you want. Netflix binge night? Want to check your collections at 3am between episodes of Game of Thrones? Go for it. That last episode was a doozy, eh?

When you’re logged into our portal, you can see everything we see when we’re working on your account:

  • The progress and status of each claim and receivable
  • Notes about what we’ve done and plan to do
  • Our priority worklists

In fact, you have access to so much that you may find yourself saying, “Whoa, TMI.” Which is exactly what we say every time Jane tells us about sweet talking that insurance payer again…