From coding to compliance to old collections, we have the expertise that can help you clean up your practice, get paid, and stop crying over that pile of outstanding receivables late at night when you think no one’s looking.

We have in-house teams devoted to the specialties and facilities we serve most, which means we know you really damn well – from your codes to your daily pet peeves to that one night in college you hope no one finds out about. Okay, that last bit is a stretch but we’re pretty good at research, so you never know…

The point is: we make your business our business – so we can get you better results and more revenue. Because, let’s be real, revenue is really what we all came here for.


We don’t want to blow your mind, but our secret sauce is actual people. Seriously. We hire medical billing experts, clinical nurses, and other industry pros who know your specialty. Then we turn our team loose to work over payers with their razor-sharp billing knowledge, charming personalities, and math skills that could make an advanced calculus teacher cry.

At the end of each day, our team comes back to us with a list of successful preauthorizations, paid collections, and approved claims.

No, it ain’t rocket science. But it works. And it works well.

Other companies use computer algorithms that sound real techy and promising, but their processes leave out crucial elements like critical thinking and analysis. The benefit of working with real humans (other than the fact that we all want to avoid some sort of scary Terminator scenario) is that human billing experts catch the errors and inconsistencies that a computer algorithm may not.

Remember, a computer only does what it’s programmed to do. But we all know that people do all kinds of stuff you didn’t expect them to do. Like going above and beyond. And finding a loophole the computer programmer didn’t think of. And having an impromptu office dance party when that new Katy Perry jam starts playing.

We just keep our geeks amped up on coffee, good vibes, and the threat of total public embarrassment if they don’t deliver excellent results. Kidding – sort of…


If you read this whole page and you still don’t know, you definitely need us. Call us. Right now. Seriously.

Be like a geek, go old school, and pick up the phone. One of our real humans will answer, maybe flirt a bit, and then start helping you boost your bottom line. Don’t feel awkward – the flirting is totally optional. The top-notch results are guaranteed, though.

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